Parish Life Committee

Val Hoy, Chairperson

The Parish Life Committee concerns itself with the physical, mental and emotional needs of the parish membership.

Bereavement / Pérdida de un Ser Querido

Serves members of the parish when they experience a death in the family.  Members attend the vigil service at the funeral home, oversee meal preparation for the family on the day of the funeral, attend the funeral liturgy, and offer support to family members after the funeral.  This support is offered on a highly personalized basis — cards, phone calls, or visits, as long as the need exists.

Senior Group / Grupo de Ancianos

A social group meets on the first Monday of the month in the ACC at 11 a.m. for a potluck luncheon. It is open to all parishioners age 55 and older. Date, time, & place are published in the bulletin.

Centro Latino

Centro Latino is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that improves the lives of Latinos in Shelby, Spencer, Oldham, Trimble and Henry counties in Kentucky and promotes civic engagement by educating, motivating and helping them access trustworthy support systems. Centro Latino celebrates our hard-working vulnerable families who help to make our community better. These families strengthen our community and endeavor to improve life for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods and our society. Our mission at Centro Latino is to advance their prospects to achieve a part of the American Dream.

Altar Society / Sociedad del Altar

Founded in 1864 continues to function today as a ladies sodality. Membership is open to all ages. THe Altar Society exists to enhance worship at The Church of the Annunciation by devoting time, talent, and treasure to create an altar and sanctuary that bespeaks the glory of God, and to promote frioendship and fellowship among all women of the parish.

The Altar Society meets the first MOnday of the month after the 6:30 PM Mass. Meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

ACTS Missions

ACTS Missions was started by Larry López and Tony Deosdade, two men who had such a profound experience on their retreat that they were inspired to make sure everyone in the world should have the opportunity to receive it as well. From its headquarters at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas, this small organization now leverages thousands of volunteers every year to bring the retreat to even more thousands of people, allowing them to experience the love of God through their fellow Christians. Today, ACTS is in at least 22 states in the U.S., 8 states in Mexico, as well as Canada, Honduras, South Africa and England. Interest is growing literally around the world.

People have credited ACTS with saving their lives, saving their marriages, convincing them to be ordained as priests or deacons, or leading them to the religious life, simply by opening their eyes and their hearts to God's word. Pastors have praised its positive effects on their parishes, leading to highly invigorated parish life. Bishops and other church leaders have called it the most important movement in the Catholic Church today; all this from a handful of faith-filled people with the courage and perseverance to be led by the Holy Spirit.

ACTS Missions spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Catholic communities by promoting, consulting in, facilitating and coordinating ACTS Retreats.

Men's Club

The Mission of the club is to support the goals of The Church of the Annunciation through social and civic activities.

     Fish Fry

     Fall Festival

     Bulletin Advertizing

Fundraisers & Gaming

The Gaming Sub-committee enforces the current Kentucky gaming laws at fundraisings events.  The sub-committee also serves as a support for individuals who direct the fundraisers.